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Ayal Tsubery - 'Decisions'

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Young bassist Ayal Tsubery has released a strong straight-ahead jazz album with his debut, Decisions. The album of original compositions are carefully put together and swell as early compositions from young music grads do, giving his band mates -- the core group being Tsubery on bass, Daniel Meron on piano & Rhodes, Eyal Hai on alto saxophone, and Dani Den or on drums -- to play soulfully while staying in service to the pieces. It's a respectable debut album with songs like "Sixth Floor" and "Parts Come Together" being particularly gripping. Jon Nellen's tablas on "Hasin'" are a nice touch, integrating some South Asian influence into Decisions' sound that doesn't exactly flow all throughout the album, but is perfectly in place whenever such touches appear. Ultimately, you should check this album out from the young Berklee grad. It's the kind of DIY album and young musician would make as a debut but with a polish that makes it worth your time. Check out Ayal Tsubery's Decisions from his Bandcamp or check it out after the jump.