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Stream 'More Songs About Error And Shame' by Canadian Band Peripheral Vision

Sébastien Hélary
Co-Founder / @helaryous

JUNO-nominated (that’s a Canadian GRAMMY for those who don’t know, comes with maple syrup and a beaver fur hat) jazz quartet Peripheral Vision is embarking on a tour of Western Canada and the Yukon in anticipation of their fourth opus, More Songs About Error And Shame. Co-leaders Michael Herring (bass) and Don Scott (guitar) delve into their own neurotic psyches, finding inspiration not only in music, but also in art, literature and stand up comedy. The album title is a reference to the iconic record by famously neurotic band, Talking Heads, and this cross genre nod is indicative of how they like to mix genres and themes, blending classic and modern jazz, the rock music of their youth, and non-musical influences such as the Catalonian artist Miró, and British comedian Stewart Lee. Rounding out the quartet are drummer Nick Fraser and tenor saxophonist Trevor Hogg. More Songs About Error And Shame is an honest effort well worth the listen if only to broaden your musical horizons and to dispel the myth that the only jazz worth listening to hails out of NYC. But don’t take my word for it, stream the album below the jump and check out more details about their tour.


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