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Guillaume Martineau Wins Radio-Canada's Revelation Award (Video + Free Download)

Sebastien Helary
Co-Founder / @helaryous

Guillaume Martineau, a classically trained pianist, has been making his foray in jazz since 2012, the year he obtained his Professional Diploma in Jazz from the Berklee College of Music. He had previously won, in 2009, the prestigious Canadian Music Competition, but an encounter with Montreal pianist Oliver Jones convinced him to jump ship and explore the limitless world of jazz of his own accord. Martineau released his debut album, Par 5 Chemins, just last November on Montreal’s up-and-coming The 270 Sessions label, but his greatest accomplishment to date is the Revelation Award he received just last week from Radio-Canada, the Canadian equivalent of NPR. Check out the video clip for Martineau’s “Le matin des magiciens” (The Morning of the Magicians), below the jump featuring François Jalbert (guitar), Simon Pagé (bass), and Raphaël Pannier (drums). Like what you hear? Then make sure to download “Lolo” for free off his Par 5 Chemins album at the following link (Press Ctrl+S while on page).

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Syeeda's Song Flute: A Critical Analysis of Covers

Ben Gray
Staff Writer

Having looked earlier at some variations on "Giant Steps" (to which I'll also add here Freddie Hubbard's "Dear John") and "Countdown", I'll take a look at some different versions of "Syeeda's Song Flute", also from Coltrane's 1960 album Giant Steps.

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Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet - "One Month" (Stream)

Jason Stillman
Contributing Writer / @jasonstillman

Family First, the new album from drummer Mark Guiliana, drops in one week. It is a departure from his recent focus on electronic works My Life Starts Now and Beat Music and utilizes the standard quartet format. To promote the album, he is releasing one track per day on his SoundCloud page - counting down until June 4. All of the compositions are by Guiliana except "Johnny Was" (Bob Marley). Enjoy the album’s opening track, "One Month", after the jump.

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Ben Williams Celebrates His 'Coming of Age' in Berlin

Maurits Meijers
Contributing Writer

Known for his work in the Pat Metheny Unity Band, and the Next Collective, Ben Williams is one of those artists who represent the fresh wind that has been blowing through jazz in recent years. For the promotion of his sophomore album as a leader titled Coming of Age, Williams brought his Sound Effect quintet to Europe for an eleven-day tour. I caught the band playing A-Trane in Berlin, Germany, last month.

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New Rotem Sivan Trio Album

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Guitarist Rotem Sivan is one of those musicians who can surprise. His For Emotional Use Only with his trio with Haggai Cohen Milo on bass and Mark McLean on drums last year took turns that could sound a bit like a Pat Metheny album, a bit like George Benson, but pleasant all through in interesting ways. Now Sivan is looking to keep things going with his upcoming new album to release later this year, this time with Colin Stranahan on drums to round out the trio. Check out the EPK video for the album (for which Sivan has yet to announce a title) and a few songs from the upcoming release, set to drop later this year after the jump.