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Kurt Rosenwinkel - 'Caipi'

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

Few things can put a smile on your face this year quite like Kurt Rosenwinkel's latest Brazilian-influenced album, Caipi, out now on Sunnyside. The man has been an inspiration to a whole generation of jazz musicians for his ambitious but amiable approach to the guitar. However Rosenwinkel has went beyond this, playing most of the instruments, singing, and arranging himself and a few other guests to create a work that puts this aesthetic to even more awe-inspiring application.

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For Your Consideration: Kurt Rosenwinkel's 'Star of Jupiter'

Jonathan Wertheim
Staff Writer / @disgruntledjazz

Kurt Rosenwinkel doesn't raise much of a ruckus. In fact, the last ruckus I remember him raising was a Facebook plea with musicians to stop raising ruckuses and get on with their music.

Rosenwinkel's forty-two years old. He's been making music for a few years now. He's weathered all the trends and all the fads well, mainly by not getting involved in any of them. Instead, he's been making excellent records that sound like Kurt Rosenwinkel records.