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Chase Jackson - "Vocabularies"

Sébastien Hélary
Co-Founder / @helaryous

Vibraphonist Chase Jackson studied jazz composition and performance at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music under Robin Eubanks, Jay Ashby, Paul Samuels, Dan Wall, Billy Hart, Jamey Haddad, Wendell Logan and many others. He now resides in LA working on a range of projects from modern jazz to film music by way of genre blending classical/jazz fusion and live electronic music. In addition to the vibraphone, Jackson regularly performs on marimba, bass, guitar and keyboards in a variety of groups including KNMDK, Wake The Wild and his own varied ensembles. His latest endeavor, an ambitious opus entitled Lay Of The Land: Part I, features 18 performers and a varied ensemble that includes 4 horns, 2 drummers, a string quartet, vibraphone, guitar, and rhythm section.

In Jackson’s own words: “Lay Of The Land is inspired by the distinct perspectives from which we see the world. In the physical plane, we can only see and experience a finite slice of the earth at any given time. As we know from early map-making, our perception and notions of where we are and what lies around us can be skewed. Conceptualizing ourselves as part of larger geographic structures expands our ability to see ourselves in a larger context. When we do have the opportunity to view the earth from afar, our perception is opened.”

You can check out the lead single, “Vocabularies”, below featuring Jackson on vibraphone, Kiefer Shackelford on piano, Ryan Thomas on guitar, Owen Clapp on bass, Forrest Mitchell on drums, Abigail Shulman and Kashi Elliot on violin, Erica Zappia on viola, and Helen Newby on cello. Lay Of The Land: Part I is out now on KNMDK Records.

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