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The Line-Up for 16 June 2017

Anthony Dean-Harris
Editor-in-Chief / @i_ADH

I'm super psyched about Brandon Seabrook's Die Trommel Fatale, which I'll have a review up this week, but that and the general extemporaneous feel of this week is the driving force for this Line-Up.

The Line-Up for 16 June 2017

Aaron Parks - The Storyteller
Now that Find the Way is out, I'm keeping this in radio rotation. Like, with 1 spot intention.
Ufsp - Ends Well
Diego Barber - Veleta's Peak
I'm digging One Minute Later so hard right now.
Dan Tepfer - Converge
I knew playing something off Eleven Cages was going to be a sure thing for a while. Also, I still have his take on "Single Ladies" stuck in my head from last week but I try not to play the same song two weeks in a row so… here this lies.
Makaya - Late
Jeremy Rose - Trawangan
I've had the two Jeremy Rose albums in rotation for the last few weeks, so they seemed like a sure pick for the show lately.
Jonathan Finlayson - Space And…
I just wanted a reminder here that Moving Still is an exceptional album that constantly impresses; it's likely one of the finest albums of the year.
Jonti - Koi Moon's Daughter
Ben Allison - Layers of the City
I'm working on writing a review of Allison's new album before it's June 27th release on Sonic Camera Records.
Brandon Seabrook - The Greatest Bile Pt.1
Brandon Seabrook - The Greatest Bile Pt. 2
One of the biggest surprises of the week was how much I really dug Brandon Seabrook's Die Trommel Fatale. There will most certainly be a review this week of this weird album that's so great to fall for.
Gold Panda - My Father in Hong Kong, 1961
Return to Forever Unplugged - Captain Marvel
Chick Corea's birthday was last week and I found a new Corea album on the shelves as I tried to figure out how to close out the hour. This seemed like an elegant solution.

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