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Let 'Em Rumble

Photo by Jim Marshall, 1971

Alexander Brown
Contributing Writer

A couple weeks ago that outer island that encompasses jazz in the world wide web briefly skirmished over Anthony’s small suggestion for performers. It was quashed in due time, no feelings were majorly hurt, a call to amicably disagree was made and everyone went back home happily to their ham sandwiches and ginger ale. Let’s not do this again. Let’s fight until it gets bloody.

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Seb's Radio Pilot

Seb's Radio Pilot

Fredrika Stahl :: Sweep Me Away :: Sweep Me Away
[Robert Glasper] :: Double Booked :: No Worries
[Yaron Herman] :: Muse :: Isobel
[Christian Scott] :: Yesterday You Said Tomorrow :: Angola, LA & the 13th Amendment
[Aaron Parks] :: Invisible Cinema :: Roadside Distraction
[Jason Lindner] :: Now Vs. Now :: Seven Ways
[Brad Mehldau] :: Day is Done :: Knives Out
[Avishai Cohen] :: Gently Disturbed :: Chutzpan

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Nirvana, meet Yaron Herman

US: iTunes,
Canada: iTunes,

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box

[Yaron Herman] - Heart Shaped Box

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Jazz War, What Is It Good For? (Absolutely Nothing)

[Anthony Dean-Harris]
Editor-In-Chief / @retronius

A few weeks ago, I extended an olive branch to the jazz internet community that Nextbop would [no longer draw lines in the sand]. This proclamation was rather well received and we’re very appreciative to you, dear reader, for loving what we’re doing here and our new position of not taking a stance in what [Lucas Gillan] is aptly referring to as the “Jazz Wars.”